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Silverdale Pediatrics, LLP Policies

  • Appointment Charges
    Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare for infants, children, and adolescents within our community. That starts with preventative visits like well child check ups to help keep healthy children healthy. Well child check ups are for well children. Currently a vast majority of insurance plans include coverage for well care appointments with no charge to the patient’s family. Well child checkups include a general assessment of growth and development, screening for medical problems, advice about safety and development, a review of vaccinations and updates as needed, and the completion of a health form for participation in school, sports, camps and other activities. In some instances a more significant or time consuming health or psychological problem will be identified and addressed. If so, the time and effort in addressing that problem may go beyond the scope of what is included in a normal well checkup. Some examples include: 1. A diagnosis of a new problem requiring testing, referral and/or a new prescription. 2. An extensive discussion of a new or existing medical, behavioral or psychological problem. 3. A procedure such as removal of a bead from the nose or a treatment of a wart. These cases will incur additional charges which are outside the scope of what you insurance company covers in a well care appointment and will lead to you having some financial responsibility for the visit. A co-pay will be required if you ask questions outside of well care. If you have questions outside of well care and do not wish to incur the associated fees, please request an additional appointment time with the front office, so that the physician may address those concerns at an appropriate visit.
  • Payment Policies
    Payment for Service Charges for services are described in our fee schedule which can be obtained upon request. Our office accepts payment in cash or check. We are not able at this time to offer debit or credit transactions. If, for any reason, your payment with a check is returned to us by the bank, you will incur a $50.00 additional fee and be required to pay in the form of cash for all future visits. It is important that you become familiar with the provisions of your insurance coverage. Coverage varies with all insurance plans and cannot be guaranteed. Some plans only cover services rendered at certain hospitals, labs and outpatient facilities. Your insurance belongs to you. It is your responsibility to know what your insurance covers. You should know if well exams, immunizations, or other visits are covered as well as what amounts are covered. Many times insurances provide limited benefits on these services. If our office has to call your insurance company regarding benefits we cannot guarantee the benefits that are stated to our staff. You will be responsible for all non-covered services rendered at our office at the time of service. Our office bills your insurance company as a courtesy to you. It is ultimately you who is responsible that the bill is paid.
  • Co-Pays & Balances
    It is your responsibility to know if you have a co-pay or deductible which would be due at the time of service. If our office must bill you after the time of service, you may incur an additional $25.00 administrative fee.
  • Privacy Policy
    Click here to view our Privacy Policy
  • Shot Records
    If you bring in your child’s Vaccination Booklet to your child’s well visit, our Medical Assistant will be happy to update your child’s vaccination booklet at the time of the appointment adding any vaccines administered that day. Your child will need a copy of these records when entering school or college. There is no fee when you bring in your booklet. If you need a copy of vaccination records for any reason at a later date, the fee is $1.00 per page (usually 1-2 pages) and will require that you (or your child, if over the age of 13 years in Washington State) bring ID and sign a release of vaccination records. We may or may not be able to release records at that time which is why we stipulate it may take up to 24 hours to get copies ready for you to pick up.
  • Release of Records
    If you require a copy of your child’s medical records, there is a $1.00 per page + a $25.00 copying fee. There is no charge for records sent as requested directly by your insurance company or by a specialist that we have requested to see your child. Records will not be faxed. You can pick up your records in person with proper ID after signing a release and paying any fees. Please note: If your child is over the age of 13, the State of Washington acknowledges by law that they “own their own medical records”. For this reason our office requires that anyone over the age of 13 sign a release for their own records, and if the staff is not familiar with them, come in with some form of ID. After signing a release, if you want records mailed, there is a $5.00 mailing fee.
  • No Show Fee
    A $50.00 fee will be assessed to any account when a scheduled appointment is not canceled or re-scheduled at least ONE HOUR PRIOR to the appointment time. This fee must be paid before your child will be seen at the next appointment.
  • Credit Cards
    We do ask our patients to maintain a credit card on file. We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.
  • Update Patient Information
    You are required to fill out complete paperwork once a year or whenever there is a change in your insurance or address. You are also required to make the office aware if there is any change in your phone contact number where we may reach you or leave a message.
  • Questions
    If you have any questions regarding your account, please call our office during business hours at 360-692-8588 Monday-Friday.
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