Truly Wonderful the Mind of A Child Is…

I am convinced Yoda was a pediatrician at some point during his 900 years. Star Wars has been an obsession of mine since seeing the first movie, IV: A New Hope, as a child.

In honor of the release of VII: The Force Awakens today, I want to pay homage to my favorite movie character.

1. “Truly Wonderful the Mind of a Child Is.”
The classic mantra of every good pediatrician as we strive to foster healthy growth and development of their little bodies and minds.

2. “Size Matters Not.”
Yoda is absolutely right. The value of this statement should be obvious, for my little patients and me as well.

3. “If No Mistake You Have Made, Yet Losing You Are, a Different Game You Should Play.”
This is fitting advice for a parent struggling with either a toddler or teenager. Just change your game.

4. “You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned.”
In medical school, we were taught professionalism, distance, and the value of science yet the moment you enter the world of pediatrics, all bets are off; the science has to become an “art.”

5. “To Be a Jedi (Doctor) is to Face the Truth and Choose.”
Truth-telling is a reality for every physician. Medicine is also about communicating all options to families so they may choose their own path.

6. “Impossible to See the Future Is.”
Best used on a daily basis while talking to every parent. It is difficult to predict exactly when a child will fully recover, fevers will dissipate, and they can return to school. We do our best.

7. “Already Know You That Which You Need.”
You know your child better than anyone else. This advice to trust your instinct builds parental confidence and is our basic job as pediatricians.

8. “Many of the Truths We Cling To Depend On Our Point of View.”
The absolute best answer every pediatrician should give when asked about immunizations damaging a child because they contain hidden toxins, chemicals, and preservatives.

9. “Mind What You Have Learned. Save You It Can.”
Remember what your parents have taught you and this stage shall pass. Best said to 11 and 12 year old children at their annual physicals while they are still listening. They are about to embark on a phase of crazy hormones, emotions, and bodily changes for which there are no answers.

10. “Once You Start Down the Dark Path, Forever Will It Dominate Your Destiny.”
Yoda likely would say this to a teenager making poor decisions by drinking, smoking, and having unprotected sex. There are always consequences for taking unnecessary risks.

11. “Do or Do Not. There is No Try.”
Things worth doing are worth the hard work it requires to achieve. Life is hard. We must reinforce this very important and valuable lesson to our children.

12. “Always Remember: Your Focus Determines Your Reality.”
When a child is struggling, whether it be at school, with disappointments or loss, or just life in general, this is solid advice to keep them grounded.

13. “Save Them We Must. They Are Our Last Hope.”
At the heart of every pediatrician is an eternal optimist who desires to make the world a better place. We want to ensure every child is protected and loved by all who know them.

After reading above, you may still believe Yoda was simply a teacher and Master Jedi. I think he was much more. He held children in high regard, worked hard to save many young lives, and never gave up hope.

So you see Yoda must have been a pediatrician.
May The Force Be With You.

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