Patients Are In My Mind and My Heart.

Physicians today are not held in the same high esteem as they used to be. We are often portrayed as callous, intolerant, clutch-fisted, know-it-alls who schedule patients around our daily golf game. (For the record, I do not play golf.) Physicians are not skilled enough at public relations.

Thriving After Pediatric Stroke

The other day I received a message from a patients’ mother I took care of more than 15 years ago, during my residency. “He made it. Medically, mentally, physically, and academically, he did it!” She also attached his graduation picture. He is a man now. Where did the time go?

Crossing Eyes? What Should I Do?

Have you ever noticed someone’s eye darting off a different direction, even though they are looking at you? Over the past month, I have seen more than 10 cases of parents reporting “eyes crossing”, “one eye turning in”, or “one turning out.” Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling are very important for all human beings.

Video Game Addiction

“My son does not care about anything but playing video games.” Parents often seek help when their previously loving, bright child becomes unrecognizable to them. They report their teen does not eat, sleep, and will fly into a rage when asked to stop playing.

Furniture and TV Set Tip Overs

The statistics are compelling. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, a child dies every two weeks in this country from a tip over incident involving a TV, a piece of furniture, or a combination of the two. Every 24 minutes a child is admitted to the emergency room because of a TV or a furniture tip over.

Boys and Weapon Play

We are obsessed with Legos in our house. The other night I handed my two year old son a Lego “man” of his very own and he said “oh mom, (disappointed sigh), he does not have a weapon.” This ‘lack of weapon’ situation seemed like a big deal; who taught my 2 year old son the word ‘weapon’ anyway? And why does it matter?

This is a story about a local family and their struggle with PANDAS. It will run in Sundays Kitsap Sun Newspaper. Worth a read. Share it if someone you know is affected. It is very informative.

For the Love of Whole Milk

As a physician, I should be presenting oral arguments about the Constitution before the U.S. Supreme Court. If you read the article below, you will probably agree with me by the time you finish.

Money Talks

My front desk staff asked if they could “guest” write on MommyDoc. So here are their collective words.

Truly Wonderful the Mind of A Child Is…

I am convinced Yoda was a pediatrician at some point during his 900 years. Star Wars has been an obsession of mine since seeing the first movie, IV: A New Hope, as a child.